ANTIK SmartWay

Powerbank Sharing

What is Powerbank


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Management of credit and prepaid services

Current rentals, history, times and rental prices

User account and profile


  • Download the app ANTIK SmartWay
  • Sign in with your existing account or register
  • Pay the deposit in the app / ANTIK clients are free from paying the deposit / and top up your credit
  • Get to the charging box (you can see their placement directly in the app on a map)
  • Scan QR code and confirm
  • The Powerbank will pop out and you can take it wherever you want to


  • Push the cable in the backside of powerbank so that it does not stick out
  • You will find a box with powerbanks with a free slot
  • Plug the powerbank into the box. The app will automatically turn off rental time counting and show you the rental price


Be a partner with ANTIK - place charging box in your business!

Offer place for charging box in your company.

You also get the following benefits:

  • Your business will be shown on the map in the app as a place where charging box is available.
  • Visit rate of your business will increase.

Plugging of charging box is easy- you just plug charging box into electrical socket in a visible and suitable place.


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